KSU Article Featuring Dr. Maureen Sutter

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Dr. Maureen Sutter has recently been featured in the Winter 2020 edition of Wildcat Veterinarian published by the Kansas State University.


A server outbreak of strangles leads K-State alumnus to help initiate strict bio security protocols.

By: Audrey … Read More

Strangles – Journal Article

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In 2018, Dr. Maureen Sutter worked with a handful of authors to publish a journal article titled “Strangles, convalescent Streptococcus equi subspecies equi M antibody titers, and presence of complications”.


Streptococcus equi subspecies equi is the causative agent of … Read More

Newt’s Fractured Premolar

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Newt, a 20-year-old Quarter horse used for team roping was presented to Red Oak Animal Hospital for evaluation. Newt had a unilateral (one-sided) foul smelling nasal discharge from his left nostril. Due to his age and clinical signs, a tooth … Read More

The Expectant Mare

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We go through a lot of expense, hassle, and heartache to breed our mares. Then we wait 11 months for the reward. Some general knowledge and guidelines should be followed to insure a healthy start.

The arrival of a foal … Read More

Challenge for Armani

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The fact remains that as horse owners we do everything we can to protect them. They are so much stronger than we realize and will fight to live. I’m so relieved I gave Armani the chance and thankful … Read More