When doing a pre-purchase examination, we are asked to give an opinion as to whether a horse has any indications of problems. We cannot predict the future of any horse. We give the best opinion possible from examining the horse on that particular day. Horses are like people in that they have different pain tolerances. Therefore, it is impossible to be positive on any day that no sub-clinical problem exists. It should be understood that the veterinarian does not issue a warranty on any particular case, and if one is desired, this should be contracted with the seller. The horse will not receive a “pass” or “fail.” The decision to buy can only be made by the buyer. It is not our job to state talent, suitability, disposition, or value. Only the buyer is able to decide if these parameters meet his/her satisfaction.

Please discuss any questions regarding the exam with us before you pay for the horse. Radiographs are a legal part of a medical record and are the property of the veterinarian. They are only mailed to veterinarians requesting them and only after the invoice has been settled.