Rabies, an infectious/neurologic disease of mammals has received a lot of attention this past summer in Missouri

A horse at the Missouri State Fair in Sedalia died from rabies. This occurred in August 2008. The disease process from onset of illness to death was only 3 days.

Rabies is a neurologic disease transmitted through bites from an infected animal. The virus then follows nerves to the central nervous system (brain), death ensues.

In November 2008 a man who had been bitten by a bat in October died from rabies. This was the first human death from rabies in Missouri since 1959.

These two recent cases demonstrate that rabies continues to be a threat to our companion animals and people alike.

Dog and cat owners routinely vaccinate there pets against rabies. Vaccination in horses has been available for some time but has been looked upon as an optional vaccine.

The American Association of Equine practitioners, (AAEP) have stated that the rabies vaccine should be administered as a core vaccination. In other words, a required annual vaccination along with sleeping sickness, tetanus, etc.

At Red Oak Animal Hospital we strongly encourage vaccination against Rabies. The vaccination is included in our wellness program.

Any questions or concerns about vaccinations for Equine Rabies please contact us at 913-533-2370