Challenge for Armani

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The fact remains that as horse owners we do everything we can to protect them. They are so much stronger than we realize and will fight to live. I’m so relieved I gave Armani the chance and thankful to Red Oak Animal Hospital and Dr. Todd Welsh for his proactive treatment and the personal care the entire staff at Red Oak gave Armani.

She started sleeping more and wasn’t her usual self. Her fever of 101.6 rose to 103.8 within 24 hours. Our vet wasn’t too concerned, citing that the fever was fighting something and to keep a close eye on it. Her fever broke and stabilized to around 98. I was still concerned. Soon enough I noticed faint yellow discharge of medium consistency coming from her right nostril. I tried my best to keep it clean but it was a never ending plight.

While remaining in close contact with the vet throughout the following month, when the discharge had not fully cleared up, we took her in on November 25th. The vet quickly ruled out any contagious diseases and she was treated with EquiPhed, an expectorant, as he believed the infection was stemming from her lungs. Two weeks later the only change we saw was more discharge so she was treated with the antibiotic Uniprim; two weeks later another My frustration was starting to rise.

We decided a second opinion was necessary. On January 16th we took Armani to another vet, one of the best in our area, Red Oak Animal Hospital. Red Oak analyzed Armani’s blood count and took radiographs of her guttural pouches and sinus cavities. Thinking there was some fluid in her right guttural pouch, Dr. Todd Welsh performed an endoscopy. However, he only found the typical amount of fluid leaving her guttural pouches and a mass of puss in her right nasal cavity. She was immediately treated with a shot of Excede and four days later we gave her another dose. This would provide her with ten days of antibiotics.

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