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Itching and Scratching: Common Reasons for Pets’ Itchy Skin

The world can be an itchy place for pets who are plagued with skin issues. Your pet can suffer from itchy skin for many reasons, and you may struggle to determine the cause. While a pet’s occasional licking or scratching is normal, when itching becomes so frequent and severe that the condition negatively affects their [...]

Keep Your Pet Safe From Ticks

Ticks are tiny, but they pose a serious health threat to your pet. These pesky parasites are common throughout Kansas, and they can transmit serious diseases to people and pets. Follow our Red Oak Animal Hospital team’s six tips to help protect your pet from these tiny terrors and the diseases they can transmit, and [...]

7 Reasons Your Pet’s Eating and Drinking Habits Change

Your pet’s eating and drinking habits are the most obvious clues about their overall health, and a subtle change can indicate a serious health problem. If your four-legged friend’s appetite or thirst gradually or suddenly changes, a multitude of conditions could be the cause. Here are seven reasons your pet’s eating and drinking behaviors may [...]

Heartworm Disease and Prevention 101

As a pet owner, you’ve no doubt heard of heartworm disease, but you may not know a lot about it. This parasitic disease can prove fatal to pets, so knowing the ins and outs of heartworm disease is essential for keeping your four-legged friend safe from infection. To help you learn everything about heartworm disease, [...]

Canine Hip Dysplasia FAQs

Hip dysplasia is one of the most common conditions affecting medium- and large-breed dogs—prevalence rates are as high as 70% in some purebred breeds. So, we naturally receive a lot of questions about hip dysplasia prognosis, progression, and prevention.  The Red Oak Animal Hospital team has compiled the most frequently asked questions and our answers [...]

5 Reasons Your Pet Should Be Screened for Chronic Kidney Disease

Routine screening tests play a crucial role in your pet’s preventive care and can effectively detect small health changes that can be addressed before they become big or irreversible problems. While you’re likely familiar with annual parasite testing, Red Oak Animal Hospital also offers and recommends a few specific tests to assess your pet’s organ [...]

What Is Preventive Care and Why Does My Pet Need It?

When your pet is sick, many questions run through your mind. “Will my pet be OK?” “How much will this cost to treat?” And, one of the hardest questions: “Could this have been prevented?”  Some illnesses and emergencies are related to the aging process or poor genetics, and are out of the pet owner’s hands, [...]

7 Ways to Protect Your Pet from Winter Weather

When cold weather strikes, we throw on another layer, crank up the furnace, and curl up next to a roaring fire with a hot drink. If we head outside, protective footwear and clothing keeps us warm and dry, sidewalk salt prevents us from slipping and falling, and antifreeze keeps our vehicles running. All these precautions [...]

FAQs About Professional Veterinary Dental Cleanings

Your pet needs regular dental care to keep their mouth healthy, and professional veterinary dental examinations and cleanings are the only way to effectively evaluate your pet’s oral health and remove damaging bacteria from under the gum line. Our Red Oak Animal Hospital team wants to ensure you prioritize your pet’s pearly whites, so we [...]

Equine Strangles (S. equi)

Strangles is a contagious upper respiratory disease caused by the bacteria Streptococcus equi. It earns its name by causing enlargement of the lymph nodes around the throat that, on rare occasions, can become so severe that it “strangles” the horse. While most exposed horses will develop the disease, few will die. Horses that are stressed, [...]

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