An Arabian Mare named Khandy

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Teresa Miller rescued/adopted an 8-year-old Arabian Mare named Khandy. Khandy is a sweet mare but didn’t like her back feet picked up. Trimming her was not possible, as a result, her feet grew quite long. Significant changes occurred in both coffin bones.

Theresa contacted Red Oak Animal Hospital after adopting the Mare to see if we could help. Following an exam and radiographs of the feet, I was doubtful. I then contacted Dr. Jim Lillich at Kansas State University and upon discussion and reviewing the pictures and radiographs we developed a treatment plan.

The procedure would need to be done under general anesthesia. We put together a team of 2 farriers, Chris Rhodelander and Kyle Skinner, 2 Veterinarians, Dr Maureen Sutter and myself, and a technician, Andrew Gieseke. This allowed each farrier to work on one foot so Khandy’s time under anesthesia was minimal.

Following measurements from the radiographs, the initial cuts were made and then fine tuned with sequential radiographs and trimming. The use of a rotary grinder was used as well.

Recovery from anesthesia went well. Khandy stood and bared weight on her feet in a normal manner. Follow up with Khandy has been ongoing with trims to keep her feet as correct as possible. Theresa has worked with Khandy on picking up her feet. Kyle Skinner has done the follow-up farrier work and with Theresa’s work and sedation; they have been able to keep Khandy trimmed.